2012 PIRCA Full Report

PIRCA brought together almost 100 scientific experts and practitioners to generate Climate Change and Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts, an integrated report to serve as a regional contribution to the Third National Climate Climate Assessment (NCA), mandated under the United States Global Change Research Act of 1990. The findings presented in the report are based largely on published research.


  • Title and front matter
  • Executive Summary
  • Hawai‘i Governor’s Letter
  • Chapter 1: Pacific Islands Region Overview
  • Chapter 2: Freshwater and Drought on Pacific Islands
  • Chapter 3: Sea Level and Coastal Inundation on Pacific Islands
  • Chapter 4: Marine, Freshwater, and Terrestrial Ecosystems on Pacific Islands
  • Chapter 5: Conclusions
  • Appendices
  • References

Citation:  Keener, V.W., Marra, J.J., Finucane M.L., Spooner, D., & Smith, M.H. (Eds.). (2012). Climate Change and Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts. Report for the 2012 Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA). Washington, D.C.: Island Press.


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