2012 PIRCA Case Studies

PIRCA developed this collection of case studies as part of the 2012 PIRCA Report, Climate Change and Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts. The case studies illustrate current climate impacts and adaptation actions across the Pacific Islands region. They contain real-world examples of Pacific Islanders coping with climate risks in diverse sectors, including agriculture, human health, coastal infrastructure, and native ecosystems. The collection highlights the usefulness of climate information in supporting decision making.

List of Case Studies

Case Study 1: Managing vulnerable water resources in atoll nations

Case Study 2: Using climate forecasts to save money and protect human health

Case Study 3: Climate change likely to intensify freshwater disputes in Hawai‘i

Case Study 4: A combination of processes creates extreme water levels and contributes to flooding and erosion

Case Study 5: Mapping sea-level rise in Honolulu

Case Study 6: Climate change threatens Hawaiian forest birds

Case Study 7: Fish populations respond to climate conditions

Case Study 8: Pacific coral reef management in a changing climate

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