HITAI Climate Adaptation Videos


Jeff Orig with Sierra McDaniel filming at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.


In the face of looming impacts of climate change, how can we engage with peers, youths and young professionals about climate change in Hawaiʻi? The Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (PICCC) is collaborated with Hawaiʻi-based video production team, Orig Media, to create a series of short video case studies featuring climate change adaptation plans, projects and activities being conducted by conservationists in Hawaiʻi. These candid, engaging videos are intended to inform and inspire the general public, youths and potential conservation managers. The videos will be available and distributed on YouTube.

1. Ho’okele i ka huliau (Navigating Change)
2. Albatross: Getting a Head Start on the Future
3. Moloka‘i Weaving Climate Science Into Our Community
4. Silverswords: A future on the Edge
5. Hui Ho’oleimaluo Malama Honokea Loko I’a
6. Building Capacity for Rare Plants in a Changing Climate

Check out our HITAI Story Map as well.

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