Pacific Pandanus, Issue 4, October 2016


This issue focuses on the theme of COMMUNICATING CLIMATE CHANGE, which is a critical component of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Effectively communicating climate change impacts and solutions can allow for science to inform policymaking and planning in communities, states and nations all over the world. But complex science is difficult to translate into concise messages.

The article on page 2 digs more deeply into the strategies for communicating climate change causes, impacts, and solutions to audiences across the spectrum. From policymakers to the public, resource managers, and even other scientists, how we communicate climate change has become as essential as the science itself.

In this issue…

Let’s Talk Climate Change, 2

Climate Waves, 4

Climate In Action, 9

… what’s been happening in the Pacific islands region

Calendar, 11

Opportunities, 11

Staff in Focus, 12

Who We Are, 13

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