Daily/monthly average sea level in Honolulu and location of eddy


Figure 3-15 (a) Daily and monthly average sea levels at NOAA Tide Gauge Honolulu (white star
in (b)) are shown relative to the 1983–2001 average sea level. The black line indicates the longterm relative sea-level rise (about 1.5 mm [0.059 in]/year); the arrow indicates the September 2003 extreme sea-level event. (b) The gridded altimeter sea-surface height (contours in centimeters (cm), and mean circulation (vectors) for August 7, 2003, reveals the eddy directly north of the Hawaiian Islands. 0.1 m = 10 cm = 3.94 in. (Data in Figure 3-15a from NOAA; Figure 3-15b © 2004 American Geophysical Union. Reproduced/modified from Firing & Merrifield [2004].)

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