Extreme climatologies from tide gauges for each day of the year at selected tide stations in the Pacific

Figure3-8_resizeFigure 3-8 Extreme climatologies from tide gauges for each day of the year at selected tide stations in the Pacific (black, darker line is smoothed). The contribution to the extreme levels from the tides (blue), seasonal (green), and nontidal residual (red) are depicted. The five largest extreme events on record are also shown. Longterm linear trends in time series have been removed. Note how in Pago Pago (top), extremes are governed by the seasonal tidal signal. In contrast, in Guam (middle), it is the seasonal occurrence of tropical cyclones that dominates extremes. In Honolulu (bottom), there is both a tidal and a storm component in the signal. (From NOAA NCDC at http://www.pacificstormsclimatology.org/.)

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