Pacific Pandanus, Issue 1, October 2015

Pacific Pandanus is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative and the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center


As anyone living in the Pacific islands can tell you, this region hosts a range of terrestrial, marine, and freshwater ecosystems that support unique and valuable biological and cultural resources. Climate change and variability persistently threaten these fragile resources, which are integral to the well-being of our rich and diverse human communities. In order to confront and adapt to this climate challenge, a collaboration of research, resource management, and policy decisions may come into play. The Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (PICSC) and the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (PICCC) are attempting to do just that—support and assist managers, policymakers, and communities to become more resilient and adaptable to future changes. We created this joint newsletter to share highlights from our science, research, and management-driven adaptation activities and to provide an update of the actions that our partners are taking to confront vulnerability to climate change in the region. Each quarterly installment of the Pacific Islands Climate Newsletter will have a theme—the theme for this first issue is actionable science.

In this issue…

About Us

… an introduction to PICSC and PICCC Actionable Science, 2

Silverswords in the House of the Sun, 3

Visualizing a Climate Change Future, 4

Climate Waves, 5-6

Climate in Action

… what’s been happening in the Pacific islands region, 7

Calendar and Opportunities, 8

Who We Are, 9

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