Understanding Climate Change & Invasive Species Impacts on Watersheds


Where should management be focused to protect watersheds? Hawai‘i currently lacks management decision-support tools that integrate climate and invasive species effects on ecosystem services such as watershed function and native species health. Remote sensing, in-stream measurements, and detailed watershed modeling combine in the development of a decision-support tool for watershed managers. Using this tool, initially developed for the Hāmākua Coast of the island of Hawai‘i, managers can examine stream flows that would result from various combinations of vegetation or forest management actions and future climate scenarios.

 Final Report


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MacKenzie, R., Giardina, C., Povak, N., Hessburg, P., Reynolds, K., Heider, C., Salmiren, E., and Kimball, H. (2014). A Decision Support Tool for Watershed Management in the Tropics Final Report to PICCC (pp. 32). Hilo: U.S. Forest Service Pacific SW Research Station and Pacific NW Research Station, and Watershed Professional Network.



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